Like any surgery, hip replacement surgery has the potential for complications. If complications occur, the most common way to fix them is by having another surgery (“revision surgery”). However, if the complication is related to a metal-on-metal hip implant, then fixing the problem can become very complicated.

Metal-on-metal implants have two metal surfaces that rub against one another to allow the hip to move. One problem that frequently occurs with this type of system is that the metal grinding together can release small metal particles into the body. These are very painful and create other significant health problems, including tissue and bone death around the implant. The only real way fix this problem is to remove the implant.

These metal-on-metal implants have an unheard of 40% failure rate after just five years of use. Signs of implant failure include pain, swelling, or trouble moving. See a doctor immediately if you suffer from any of these complications.

You should also speak with an experienced hip replacement attorney about your complications. Filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the replacement part could help pay for any medical expenses related to replacement surgery. Call the McLaughlin Law Firm at 720-420-9800 today for more information.