Here is the conclusion to our three-part blog Overview of Multidistrict Litigation for Hip Implant Lawsuits.

While the first two parts of this blog focused on defining what multidistrict litigation (MDL) is and where some of the main MDLs for hip implant lawsuits have been set up throughout the U.S., below, we will conclude this blog by discussing some of the primary allegations in these cases.

Plaintiffs’ Allegations in MDLs for Hip Implant Lawsuits

A number of allegations have been pointed at hip implant manufacturers in the various multidistrict litigations for hip implant lawsuits

Hip Implant Lawsuit

Hip implant lawsuits in ongoing multidistrict litigation are alleging that manufacturers failed to warn the public about the risks of MoM hip implant devices.

that are currently underway in federal courts throughout the U.S.

Among these are the contentions that hip implant manufacturers (like Stryker, Bioment, DePuy, Wright Medical Technology, etc.):

  • Failed to adequately test the safety of metal-on-metal (MoM) hip implants before marketing them as safe and effective
  • Often intentionally sidestepped safety testing by applying for FDA approval through the 501(k) process (which has been largely criticized in that it allows medical device manufacturers to apply for approval of devices by citing similarities between their products and devices that are already approved by the FDA)
  • Knew about the high rates of failure in their MoM hip implants and failed to warn the public about them
  • Advanced their own interests for increasing their profits at the cost of public safety.

While some of the hip implant manufacturers named as defendants in the ongoing MDLs for these devices have already made an effort to settle some of the cases against them, others are still pending in federal courts.

Additionally, many individual lawsuits (filed by plaintiffs who chose not to join a hip implant MDL) are still pending against various hip implant manufacturers.

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